The Teampulse application

The first will of the Teampulse team is to offer a totally free application, easy to use and that simplifies the life of coaches and players in amateur sport. You will find more information the site dedicated to the application.


The main features

  • AVAILABILTY - View the attendance of the players, in order to adapt the sessions and anticipate the composition of the weekend
  • NOTIFICATIONS - Sending automatic reminders to revive latecomers
  • SOCIAL - Share information, photos, videos, documents between members of the same team
  • MULTI-TEAMS - manage and become a member of several teams
  • MULTI-ACCOUNTS - practice for parents who need to manage the accounts of several children
  • MESSAGING - Integrated real-time chat, no need for Whatsapp or Messenger
  • .
  • THE SHOP - to dress the teams at the best costs while simplifying the command, the design to the sponsors, through the names and numbers

Fast and efficient startup

  • Create your"team"
  • Configure your recurring events (training), punctual (specific sessions, meetings, ...) and your matches (with composition possible)
  • Invite your players by sharing the"Team Code"
  • Validate the arrival of guest players